Great Accommodation for Your Stay in Broadstairs
Broadstairs is a charming sea-side town with colourful streets and lots to see and do.

These photographs show the area directly adjacent to the apartment and everything shown is within a 5 minute walk.

Colourful houses and quaint streets               One of a few pubs within walking distance -
                                                                                The Charles Dickens Pub  - 2 minutes walk

The Dickens Musem - 2 minutes walk                  Promenade and gardens - across the road

Promenade and gardens - across the road         Viking Bay beach - have a drink or light meal at
                                                                                     The Pavillion on the Sands & soak up the sun

Morellis - traditional Italian ice-cream parlour      A choice of great restaurants is available
1950's style - 50 metres away                                along the   beach-front & within the town

Viking Bay - 1 of 7 lovely beaches in                     The rock pool at low tide -  across the road

View of Viking bay on a winter's day                         Nearby Broadstairs street on a winter's
in December - lots of treasures to be found in      morning
the quieter months


See new types of birds - these Turnstones
can be seen on and near the beach

And Further Afield

Visit Canterbury with it's well-known Cathedral, Canterbury Tales museum and quaint shopping precinct and restaurants just 15 miles away